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La belleza y el esfuerzo

El mundo del Fitness: una tendencia que muestra el antes y después

La muestra de que no hay soluciones mágica, es lo que incentiva a empezar un día y no parar.

Es tendencia en las redes mostrar el proceso de trasformación de los cuerpos, y muchos de los que muestran el “antes y después”, son influencers o instagramer o simplemente personas comunes que quieren compartir al mundo sus logros después de tanto esfuerzo.

Este “sucede en las redes” trae las imágenes de cuerpos increíble, pero te muestra el detrás de escena de cómo llegaron estar así. Es preciso difundir y concientizar sobre la salud y las reglas alimenticias, hacer saber que no hay soluciones mágicas  ni dietas que te quiten 20 kilos en dos semanas, porque de ser así, puede ser peligroso y hasta mortal.

En este sentido, las redes sociales juegan un roll importante respecto de las apariencias y los sueños inalcanzables, pero estas personas como Agustina D´Andraia, quien es periodista e influencer del mundo fit, demuestran que detrás de todo buen cuerpo hay un gran esfuerzo.

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First pic was taken in February, middle pic taken in May, and third pic was taken today! So happy to see my legs have finally leaned out more because that’s definitely a tough area for me. I didn’t change up anything in my routine to make my legs lean out, just stuck to the plan and KEPT PATIENT and slowly but surely it happened. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Throughout this entire weight loss phase my workouts have not changed- I’ve been following a powerlifting program (so tons of HEAVY compound movements) eating an average of 1900 calories a day, doing steady state cardio three times a week for 20 minutes, and I’ve been getting about 10k-15k steps a day. Also to answer a commonly asked question- I hardly train abs! By improving my body composition through lots of heavy lifting, my ab definition has improved without really working them much. So my top tips for making a transformation is:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 1. Lift hard and heavy and stick to basic compound movements! No stupid variations of things lol, the basics are going to benefit you most.⁣⁣ 2. Be patient!!! Eat to fuel your workouts (no super low calorie bs) and focus on getting stronger and over time you will see results. Don’t under eat! If you eat and train like an athlete you will look like one. This isn’t a quick fix diet it is a lifestyle. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Ps. I couldn’t care less which one of these pics you like best, so keep your “you looked better before” opinions to yourself. I like how I looked in the middle pic but I like how I look now better ✌🏼️️️ . Follow us (@gymmtips ) for daily workout tips!💪🏼💙 . Credits: @lauragfit 👥Tag a friend who would enjoy our tips!

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HIIT workout dressed like a sherbet sweet he he 💛💗 Feeling so freaking motivated atm since having such a rubbish few weeks at the gym. A mixture of the peach plan community, a change of gyms (filmed this a few days ago before the change) and just in general needing that down time to reassess why I loved working out and I’m a brand new woman!!! If you’re feeling in a rut I would 100% recommend taking that break to reassess what it is you love about working out and WHY you do it, as well as maybe having a change of scenery - working out at home for a change or visiting a different gym. We all have those low days/weeks of motivation but it’s usually just a phase. Everything changes. ❤️ 1️⃣ fast box jumpovers 2️⃣ star power jump into squat walks 3️⃣ 4 plank walk ups (fast) into 8 jumping mountain climbers 4️⃣ 4 jumping lunges into burpee 30 secs per exercise - 4 rounds - 1 min rest between each round!! . Follow us (@gymmtips ) for daily workout tips!💪🏼💛 . Credits // @meggangrubb 💁‍♀️Tag a friend who would enjoy our tips! .

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